Safety Tips

Safe running tips

Just a few thoughts to help you stay safe when running.

1. If at all possible don’t run on your own. Running with a ‘buddy’ is much easier especially on those long marathon training runs.
2. Even if you travel light carry some form of ID with you – a card with your name and an ‘ICE’ number (In Case of Emergency). A phone is a good idea too if you can manage it.
3. Warm up and stretch before you start your run.
4. Plan your route before you go. If you find yourself getting lost retrace your steps rather than trying to go on further and getting totally lost.
5. When you go out, let somebody know roughly how long you are going to be out and ideally your route. That way if you don’t return in the expected time then somebody can raise the alarm and have a rough idea where to start looking.
6. In the winter months running in high-visibility clothing is absolutely vital but it’s a good idea in the summer months too. On dark nights avoid dimly lit roads and try and stick to routes with adequate street lighting.
7. Particularly in poor light take care running on countryside public footpaths and bridleways where the chance of injury will be greatly increased by the uneven ground.
8. Always take great care crossing or running on the roads. You may have seen the traffic but it may not have seen you. Remember that just because you are out for a run that doesn’t give you extra ‘rights’ (or powers!) on the roads.
9. Don’t over-stretch yourself. Make sure your run is within your capabilities or only about 10% more than you’ve done before.
10. If you are doing anything longer than about 5m (or less if it’s hot) make sure you have a drink with you. If you are doing long runs you need to take some food / gels too.