Meeting Location

Harpenden Aro Runners Club Meeting Location

From Tue 10th May 2011 onwards we will be meeting at a new location. We have negotiated the use of a room and additional facilities at the St George’s School Sports Centre off Carlton Road. As well as the hire of a room we will also be able to use some of the other facilities in the centre too. From now on we are asking people to follow the signs to the sports centre and go straight in and upstairs to ‘our’ room. The first member of the club committe to arrive will go and get the key – but the room will normally be unlocked already when we arrive.

You can read all about the new Sports Centre by following this link.
St George’s Sports Centre


St George’s Sports Centre is located at St George’s School, Sun Lane, Harpenden. The car park can be found by driving up Sun Lane, going over the bridge and turning right onto Carlton Road. The car park is on your left. There are directions to the Heather Jarvis Sports Hall in the car park. Follow the signs to the Sports Hall or Reception. It is just a short walk away.

Directions from Harpenden High Street: Turn at the mini roundabout almost opposite Charles Wilson Engineers Ltd (the big red garage) onto Sun Lane. Drive up Sun Lane over the bridge and turn right onto Carlton Road. The car park is on your left. Check that the barrier is down as you enter the school.


Once you have arrived at the school you should park in the ‘Aim Higher’ car park which is the one on your left as you arrive. There is a short walk to the centre itself and ‘our’ room. You will need a code to exit the car park again – but we will give you that once we have all met up.

Parking seems to be easy so far but in any case we are hoping that for a lot of people it’s going to be just as easy to jog to the centre anyway.

Cycles. If you are cycling to the club you can either chain your bike to the railings round the car park but its a better option to bring your bike right through the school with you to the sports centre where there is a bike rack just to the right of the centre itself. You can bring your bike helmet and any other items you need up to the room with you. The room will be locked while we are running so they will be quite safe.

New Routes

It’s going to take us a little while to work out some great new routes from St George’s but being a little bit closer to the entrance to the Nicky Line and various other paths means that there are all sorts of new possibilities as well as being able to run most of our existing routes with a little bit of adaptation. For the moment we will probably all run together so we don’t loses anybody. We seem to be able to jog gently through the school grounds at the beginning and end of our runs but please be courteous to pedestrians and look out for the occasional vehicle which might be driving round on one of the school’s roads. Watch this space for more information on new routes.