Christmas Cleaning: When, Why, How


It is December again – the month of the hot-chocolate, the snowy nights, the candle lights, the shared cuddles and the bottle of wine. The month of Christmas, of Santa Claus, decorated trees, festive songs and presents. December is a little piece of perfection tucked up between the beautiful autumn and the cold winter. And this time of the year is spent at home – with your family and friends, with your kids and b yourself. No walks in the park and nights out, no adventures and trips, but relaxation, leisure.


However, what you need to know now is that right at the beginning of this month, you love so much, you have to perform a cleaning. And no matter how much you hate that boring, annoying and unpleasant task, it is crucial for the home maintenance and for your well being in that house.



On a nice day in the middle of December, you will decide to decorate your home, to make it more festive. You will put a tree in the middle of the living room, you will hang socks on the fire place, you will add lights and everything will look so damn nice. Thereafter, you will not be able to clean your home properly in a while. And imagine that scenario, where you decorate an already dirty house and till January it is so gross that you kind of hate it.


Spend some more time, performing a deeper clean-up. It is worthy I promise. You will have guests around Christmas and I am sure that you would like to present your home at its finest. Vacuuming and dusting is not enough, you better know this in advance and if you by any chance have no tine, don’t hesitate to hire one of the best London’s cleaners, who could cope with it so well indeed.

Its important to keep your home clean especially as runners. We always tend to bring in dirty winter slush from outside after a long run. 😀