Club Standards

Harpenden Aro Runners Club Standards Scheme

We will be running the ‘Club Standards’ awards again this year. The basic idea is to give everybody the oportunity to work towards a ‘standard’ which is based on a performance level for your age. Lets face it, most of us are never going to be running at the same pace as some of the faster guys (and girls!) but its always good to have a target to aim for – and its only fair that some of us older people get a bit of help when trying to compare our performance with some of you younger ones.

Fortunately there is a scheme which allows performance to be calcualted based on gender and age – its called the WAVA score. You can read all about it here. Fetch Wava Calculator

The club standards awards scheme is a series of running standards which anyone in the club can work towards. There are 5 WAVA based awards to go for from ‘Club Standard’ through Bronze, Silver and Gold through to Platinum. We want the Club Standard award to be accessible and achievable by all our members. The subsequent awards require increasing levels of performance, and a wider portfolio of races completed. Members will work towards achieving one or more awards in a particular calendar year by completing the required events at the required standard in a particular year Jan to Dec. In 2011 we are also going to have one new award – the ‘Full House’. Although there is no WAVA performance level requirement, this award is no push-over as you will need to compete at every distance from 5k to a full marathon to achieve it. We will start again at the beginning of each year and celebrate the success at a convenient club meeting, and record it on the website too.

Its a new scheme so there might be a few wrinkles to sort out initially! Here are the details of the requirements for each standard.

It’s never too early to start getting some results logged for the 2011 Scheme!!

Club Standards Scheme requirements

Qualifying races must have been run in the current calendar year, Jan to Dec. You cannot include Aros own events.

Full House (TBC – New for 2011) Award Complete a 5k, 10k, 10m, Half Marathon and Full Marathon in any time.

Club Standard Award Complete 3 formal events at any distance, 1 of which must be at 55% WAVA or better.

Bronze Award Complete 4 formal events of which 1 must be a minimum of 10k, 2 of which must be over 60% WAVA

Silver Award Complete 5 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a half marathon and 3 of which must be over 65% WAVA

Gold Award Complete 6 formal events 1 of which must be a minimum of a marathon, 4 of which must be over 70% WAVA

Platinum Award Complete 7 formal events including a 10k, a half marathon and a marathon, 4 of which must be over 80% WAVA

(This also explains really well how the calculation is done.)

To claim your standard..

1. Go to and set yourself up a free account if you don’t already have one.
2. Register yourself as a member of Harpenden Aro runners, and your personal details – as a min it will need to record your age and sex.
3. Find the races you have run using Race | Race Finder and add them to your portfolio
4. Enter in your official times into the FetchEveryone website. Chip time may be used.
5. Email the Club Chairman (Colin) and race co-ordinator (Graham) giving us your profile name on ‘Fetch’ and the award you are claiming.
6. If accepted your award will be posted on the website and mentioned in the next mailshot /social. You can upgrade the award which you have achieved throughout the year, but, at the end of the year if the club decides to give out mementos you will only receive one award.

By the way, if we all put our races on ‘Fetch’ then we will also be able to see club record holders for the various distances.

Club Standards Awards
Standard Names Date
Club Standard
Bronze  Clive Borthwick, John Coyle, Ron Chakraverty, Annette Godfrey, Kate Spiers, Sarah Dumbrill, Colin Wareham, Brian Yates  2010
Ian Long, Brian Yates, Kate Spiers, Sarah Dumbrill  2011
Silver  Dawn Burr, Graham Harper, Louise Crosby, Hannah Turner, Ian Smart  2010
Norman Whitwood, Graham Harper, Colin Wareham, Michael Hessey, Ian Smart, Karen Skyrme, Andy Wilkins, Phil Jacobs, Jennifer Finlay  2011
Gold  Darren McGrath, Simon Spiers  2010
Hannah Turner, Georgie Hamilton, Darren McGrath, Lloyd Watson, Louise Crosby, Simon Spiers  2011
Platinum  David Green  2010
 David Green  2011
Full House Louise Crosby, Lloyd Watson, Ian Long, Michael Hessey, Simon Spiers, Graham Harper  2011