Popular Scottish Boys’ Names

The following is a list of names for Scottish boys.

Alec – A shortened form of Alexander. Aleck is a variant.

Alexander – From the Greek name Alexandros meaning “defender of men.” Possibly related to the name Alastair. Often shortened to Alex.

Alan – Of Celtic origin meaning “harmony”, “stone”, “noble”, “fair”, or “handsome”. Also Allen. Sometimes shortens to Al.

Andrew – From the Greek Andros meaning “strong, manly and courageous”. Often shortened to Andy.

Donald – Scottish for “great chief”. Derived from the Gaelic name Domhnall. Often shortened to Don, Donnie, or Donny.

Douglass – Means “from the dark river”. From the Celtic name Douglas (with one s) meaning “dwells by the dark stream”. Shortens to Doug.

Gordon – Meaning “from the marshes” and also adopted from a Scottish place name. Shortens to Gordie or more flippantly Gordo.

Ian – Gaelic variant of the name John. Also Iain.

Kyle – A Gaelic place name meaning the “narrows: or “a wood or a church”. Similarly, in Scottish it means “strait”, “channel” or “narrow”.

Ronald – “Mighty councilor or ruler”. From Gaelic name meaning “rules with counsel”. Also Reynold or Ranald.

Less Commonly Chosen Scottish Boys’ Names

Parents of baby boys may want to consider less commonly used names.

Adair – Meaning “from the oak tree ford”. Possibly from the Gaelic name of the same meaning. Maybe a variant of Edgar.

Alastair – A variant of Alexander with the same meaning (defender of mankind). Similar names include Alasdair, Alistair, and Allaster.

Alpin – Scottish for “blonde”. Similar to the English name Albin, a variant of Albert, meaning “brilliant”, “bright” or “white”.

Angus – A Scottish-Celtic god was named Angus. Means “unnaturally strong”, “singular”, or “only choice”. Similar meanings in Celtic and Gaelic.

Clyde – A place name from the Scottish river Clyde.

Derek – Of Norse origin meaning “ruler of the race”. Also Dirk and Theodorick. Variants from English and German include Derreck, and Derrek.

Ewan – Scottish name meaning “youth”. Also Euan or Ewen. In Celtic “young”. Similar to the Welsh Iwan a form of John.

Gavin – From an Old German name Gawin, meaning ‘district of land’. Also Gawain, which in Scottish means “little hawk” or Gaven meaning “white hawk”.

Hamish – A form form of James, similar to the Gaelic names Sheamais, Seumas, and Seanius.

Malcolm – The Scottish meaning is “St. Columb’s disciple”. Also Malcom (without the l). The Gaelic meaning is “servant or disciple of Columba”. In Celtic it means “Servant of Saint Columba”.

Rory – From the Gaelic word for “red or ruddy”. Variants include Rorry and Rorey.

Tavish – The Scottish meaning is “twin”.

Wallace – Sometimes used in honor of Scottish hero William Wallace.

This is of course not an exhaustive list of Scottish names, but it does include a good sample of both the most popular and secondarily choices.