In tight economic times, fixing healthy meals on a budget never means that good taste and food have to be sacrificed. From easy, healthy recipes to food opportunities such as Angelfood Ministries, having to eat on a limited budget has more options than might be evident.

Angelfood Ministries

Not a food pantry, Angelfood Ministries has no specific criteria for eligibility, and provides a monthly assortment of cheap and healthy food at a budget price. Angelfood Ministries was founded in 1994 to assist financially challenged residents in Georgia and has grown to serve thousands of families all over the country. With a current presence in 44 states, Angelfood Ministries has an online monthly menu that features over $70.00 worth of food for a fixed price of around $30.00. The variety of selected food Items changes monthly, and their online site can assist in determining the closest locations.

Soups + Breads = Easy, Inexpensive and Delicious

Not only are soups and stews delicious, especially in the cold and foreboding months of winter, they are nutritious and cost-effective, particularly when it comes to what’s in season. The bonus of eating seasonal offerings? It supports sustainable living and is a far healthier alternative to processed, packaged tasteless fare.

Using this handy seasonal food guide to find perfect selections, here is a time honored rule for making delicious soups from scratch:

  • 1 meat + 1 starch + 2 assorted vegetables
  • Broth Base – Meat, Vegetable OR Cream Base

For Broth Based Soups

Start by sauteing onions and celery with a bit of garlic in butter until the onions are carmelized. Depending on taste, add a soup bone and three to four cups of water along with any chosen vegetables and seasonings. A good rule of thumb is two starchy vegetables (potatoes and corn) plus two green (green beans, kale). An optional can of tomato juice will render this into a homemade vegetable soup like Mom used to make.

For Cream Based Soups

Boil the selected vegetable(s) in water until tender. Potatoes, Cauliflower and Broccoli all work wonderfully for this. When tender, drain most (but not all) of the water, adding seasonings as desired. Puree this with a bit of cream, and cook down until thick. Cheese added with a spot of butter will transform this into a wonderfully hearty, healthy and inexpensive meal to please even the most finicky eater.